WeChat, known as Weixin in China, enables users to connect with family and friends, share posts, subscribe to different pages, pay online, book appointments and much more.




WeChat in China

Over 1 B
monthly active users
20 - 0
Age of 80% Users
0 %
market Share of Mobile User
0 %
of HNWI's are users

WeChat in Canada

1 K
monthly active users
20 - 0
Age of 93% Users
0 %
Spend more than 4/hrs per week
0 %
Are employed

WeChat Official Accounts

  • 73.4% of official accounts that users follow are brand and media accounts.
  • 41.1% users follow official accounts to stay informed.
  • It is a platform for blogs and news feed, where Canadian marketers can promote their businesses. Government services and even politicians reach out to Chinese Canadians through WeChat.
  • It comes with analytics so marketers can measure the effectiveness of posts on the official accounts.

Advertising opportunities on WeChat

WeChat Official Account

  • Functions like a Facebook Page and a home page/landing page
  • Brands can engage subscribers with offers, discounts and exclusive content

WeChat Programmatic Banner Ad

  • Clickable display banner
  • Displays at the bottom of an article on a WeChat Official Account

WeChat Moments Ad

  • Displays on users’ timeline feed, similar to a Facebook newsfeed ad
  • Offers various targeting options:
    • location
    • demographics
    • industry
    • marital status
    • network and devices
    • and others

If you don’t have an Official Account, no worries!

You can still advertise on WeChat media Official Accounts which are very popular among the Chinese. Brands can advertise by:

Posting their content on relevant and popular WeChat media accounts

Placing fixed banners on these accounts

DAVE provides a one-stop solution for WeChat Advertising:

1. WeChat Official

WeChat Official Accounts for brands undergo a stringent application process subject to approval by Tencent. As their official partner in Canada, we can help:

  • Identify and set up the right type of WeChat official account that suits your business goals;
  • Facilitate the documents required in the application.

2. Account Management

Management of this account can be challenging as it is in Simplified Chinese. We can:

  • Configure the account setting like welcome message, auto reply and custom menu setup
  • Create content that is relevant to your Chinese target audience

3. Mini Program

WeChat allows for additional functionality within official accounts. We can develop “apps within WeChat” according to the client’s specific needs such as:

  • e-shops
  • food delivery
  • ticket sales
  • travel booking
  • games
  • tools, and more.

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